T h e s e  S o n g s  I  K n o w  B y  H e a r t

MAY 2024
Book*hug Press

Will I ever be a mother? Am I one already? How many ways are there to love?

Married and divorced in her 20s, looking for friendship in her 30s, and contemplating pregnancy at 40, our narrator wonders if she’s done life out of order. But Alice, The Turtle, The Kid, and other beloveds remind her that motherhood is more than giving birth, art is never finished, and love is not linear.

Through a three-day canoe trip, chance encounters, fierce female friendship, step-parenting, IVF, pandemic isolation, and quiet moments between humans, These Songs I Know By Heart weaves vignettes of everyday mythology into an absorbing and honest meditation on the connections in our lives. With razor-sharp reflection, humour, and most of all love, we are reminded that there’s no formula to life and that instead, we must celebrate what makes the small moments of our lives extraordinary.

Cover designed and painted by Malcolm Sutton