Ame Henderson was The Art Gallery of Ontario's artist in residence August 5th-October 9th, 2014.

"Entitled rehearsal/performance Henderson’s work is simultaneously a rehearsal and a live event. Rehearsal is often understood as an exploratory and improvisational process, an embodied experience focused on preparing for a future event. Henderson’s work will eliminate the spatial and temporal shift between rehearsal and performance, as the gallery itself becomes her workspace... Over a series of public events Henderson and other performers enact durational choreographic encounters inside the AGO lasting two to twelve hours."

I was one of Ame's collaborators in this process, myself performing within the choreographic container, in how I made rehearsal/ performance pictures throughout the process.

For the culminating event, from Saturday October 4th- Sunday October 5th 2014, I made a series of 24 images, only 2 exposures per hour, for 12 hours: one each hour for 'rehearsal' and one for 'performance'. The images were made on colour film with a Rolleiflex camera and are available for viewing upon request.

The photos below were made with my cell phone, shooting through the glass of my Rolleiflex viewfinder -- a parallel journaling of the 12 hours.