Is My Microphone On?
a play in the form of a protest song

Iris MacNada in the Canadian premiere, photo by Elana Emer

How do we move forward from here?

Young people will no longer be able to avoid the consequences of climate change. A group of 12- 17 year olds speak to the adults in the audience, holding them to account, questioning the choices that have not been made, the ones that children will be forced to make, and what kind of future they stand to inherit. All while offering an invitation to experience the world together anew. 

Is My Microphone On? turns the theatre into a site of intergenerational reckoning, offering what is ultimately a declaration of love. 

Playwright | Jordan Tannahill
Director and Dramaturge | Erin Brubacher
Composer | Veda Hille
Production Designer | Sherri Hay
Movement | Cara Spooner

Is My Microphone On? Canadian Stage, North American premiere, Dream in High Park 2021

Canadian Team (Canadian Stage)
Sound Design and Music Director | Debashis Sinha
Choral Coach | Sadie Laflamme Snow
Lighting Designer | Kaitlin Hickey
Stage Managment | Sandy Plunkett
Assistant Stage Manager | Taryn Dougall
Youth Mentors | Sadie Laflamme Snow & Davinder Malhi

Canadian Cast: Remi Ajao-Russell, Hiyab Araya, Jack Bakshi, Chloe Cha, Felix Chew, Nia Downey, Sidonie Fleck, Oscar Gorbet, Saraphina Knights, Iris MacNada, Iylah Mohammed, Amaza Payne, Sanora Souphommanychanh, Alykhan Sunderji, Catherine Thorne, Sophia Wang, and Skyler Xiang 

Canadian Production Reviews

Mooney on Theatre: It’s terrific theatre. Invigorating, challenging, entertaining ... this is what political theatre should be; brilliantly written, directed, and acted.

Globe and Mail, Critic’s Pick: There’s a shocking shard of dance performed by one teen that takes your breath away and plays around with the idea of who is in control... the brave young performers in the show offer a clear-eyed promise of a path ahead.

NOW Magazine, NNNN: Jordan Tannahill and Erin Brubacher's show performed by young people is an angry, passionate response to climate change.  

Chloe Cha, from the Canadian Stage production, photo by Mckenzie James

German Production Trailer: 


 Ist mein Mikro an? Theater der Welt Düsseldorf / Bürgerbühne und Junges Schauspiel des Düsseldorfer Schauspielhauses, first public workshop presentation, Theater der Welt 2021; European premiere, Bürgerbühne des Düsseldorfer Schauspielhauses - fall 2021

German Team (Theater der Welt Düsseldorf / Bürgerbühne und Junges Schauspiel des Düsseldorfer Schauspielhauses) -- Due to the pandemic, the Canadian team handed this iteration over to the following German team:

Director | Bassam Ghazi
Music Director | Hajo Wiesemann
Directors’ Assistants | Solène Schlachter and Auguste Sandner
Translator | Frank Weigand
German Dramaturgy | Kirstin Hess

German Cast: Nika Andabaka, Frida Beucker, Lucy Brouwers, Ayla Tatu Burnaz, Sofia Cuesta FouB, Paula Darius, Pheonix Grün, Isoken Iyahen, Friederike Jacobs, Collins Kang, Fey Lawal, Hannah Juli Mellinghaus, Eleni Melikidou, Exalte Nsingi, Emir Özdemir, Maja Rabrenovic, Jakob Schiefer, and Tobi Valder

In Germany, this project was to be a guest of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair, 2020 prior to COVID19. It is supported there by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Government of Canada.