Founded in 2017, Generous Friend is a performance umbrella that invites the participation of a rotating roster of artists. The governing principle of our work is how things are made shapes what is made.** Criteria for Generous Friend projects include: a keen attention to process; commitment to mentorship; and making performance situations that create conversations that would not otherwise happen — putting people in rooms together who might not have the occasion to share space and place.

Led by ERIN BRUBACHER and ERUM KHAN, Generous Friend works with a distinct combination of artists from different disciplines. Our roster of rotating artists has included: Liz Peterson, Rosina Kazi, Nicholas Murray, Anwar Khurshid, Veda Hille and Sherri Hay.  

** With thanks to our friend Cara Spooner for helping us find this articulation.

Generous Friend has been supported by The Toronto Arts Council, The Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.  

This is a picture of us. But we’re generally less serious and have better hair cuts now.