Questions and answers on how we make things, what we make, and gender politics in theatre

I proposed this ^ game as an experiment to help continue a conversation as a community.

The game involves asking and answering questions, as an attempt 'to find out what we think, how we think about it, what we most want to know'* and what to do next.

The game began in response to matters that were raised by an open letter** I wrote -- and other important issues, regarding how we make things, what we make, and gender politics in theatre, that my letter did not adequately address. It was/is, as poet/playwright Claudia Rankine once wrote, “an attempt to move the conversation away from the he said-she said vibe toward a discussion.”

The Facebook Relay Interview is an adaptation of Jacob Wren’s Relay Interview.

This game began on May 11th, 2015. This archive page was last updated November 26th, 2015. You can click through the screenshots above, using the arrows, to see how people participated. 

**The OPEN LETTER I wrote originally appeared on a website called Minor Explatives that no longer exists. You can now read the original letter here.