I'm wondering what you can tell me, about your birthdays, counting back from how old you are now, as far as you can remember...

In 2012 I turned 33. From that birthday to the next I asked 33 people to talk about their birthdays.I made a movie to be shown, on my birthday one year later, at Videofag on December 18th 2013.One month earlier, I sent a postcard to the 33 people I had interviewed, inviting them to a pre-screening dinner:

You’re invited to supper on the occasion of my birthday. Bring something you like to eat on your birthday to share. After dinner, we’ll watch this movie I’ve been making since this time last year. You can invite other people to that part, at 9pm. Let’s have our cake and eat it too.Let me know if you can make it. I would like there to be precisely 34 of us at the table, including me.

Places were set with a token related to what people had shared with me about their birthdays:

The full video is 33 minutes long and may be publicly screened on December 18th of any year. Contact me for access.

With thanks to participants:

Mark Brubacher

Joan Green

Anne Wessels

Christine Brubaker

Carl Wilson

Kelly Gallagher-Mackay

Andil Gosine

Sam Choisy

Phillipa Croft

Ame Henderson

Shannon Stewart

Andrea Romaldi

Andrea Donaldson

John Haney

Jane Danielson

Amanda Jernigan

Alexandra Sutherland

Gideon Arthurs

Steven Beckley

William Ellis

Caitlin Brubacher

Tawiah M'Carthy

Naomi Skwarna

Leora Morris

Simon Rabynuk

Cara Spooner

Ian Willms

Tara Gallagher-Harris

Andrew Tannahill

Rashida Shaw

Theo Gallero

Xin Law-Gallagher

Nuan Law-Gallagher